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For those of us living with dementia, words can become hard to understand, whereas images can hold more meaning.

See What I Mean (SWiM) is a communication tool that turns your speech into images

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Personalised Accounts

You can use your own photos to communicate by uploading and tagging personal images and by connecting your existing image accounts. This builds a collection of pictures that relate directly to your experience.

Enjoy the unexpected

SWiM is connected to millions of public images. By starting with just one word, whole conversations can be sparked that can take you on surprising and unpredictable journeys.

Choose your experience

You can use SWiM all day everyday. It can become a digital picture frame that slide shows your images when you are not using it. Available on a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone and TV.


We live in a world where we take communication for granted; with minimum effort we can hold conversations that drift seamlessly from one topic to the next, recall what we had for breakfast, or the details of a great movie we watched last night but what about those of us who find things difficult to communicate? What if some of us find it challenging to put a word to a memory, to identify an everyday object, or even to remember the name of a loved one?

Losing the ability to communicate is one of the most frustrating and difficult problems for people with dementia, their families and carers.

Communication breakdown can result in conditions such as isolation and depression, conversation is challenging for people with dementia because words can become abstract concepts, whereas images often retain their meaning. See What I Mean is an application that displays the words you say as images while you talk. It's designed to help communication and spark conversations.

There is a common misconception that dementia is all about memory loss, someone with this condition may have memory loss but they might also be living in a different reality altogether. It can be incredibly beneficial to get an understanding of who that person is and not always force someone to remember who they once were. See What I Mean helps people to talk about anything, to journey anywhere not just into the past.


Ilyanna Kerr

Photo of Ily

Ilyanna (CEO) is a designer working across interaction, visual communication and service design. She has worked at leading design consultancy Pentagram for clients including Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres, the Science Museum, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Royal Academy of the Arts. Her BA (Hons) Design from Goldsmiths College investigated how linking our speech to images can strengthen visual meaning-making and aid communication.

Peter Rogers

Photo of Pete

Peter (CTO) is a designer & programmer who is leading the development of our application design and implementation. Over the recent past he has been involved in research and practice around speculative design projects in the sphere of citizen participation and mobile location aware services.

Simon Jeal
Design Director

Photo of Simon

Simon is focused on clarity and craft in communication design, usability and experience design. He has worked with Moving Brands, Design Studio London and BEAR London, producing work for Nokia, Swisscom, Drambuie and IFT, among others. He recently graduated from Goldsmiths College with a BA (Hons) Design, where he explored the representation of cinematic space as experience.


Nada Savitch
Innovations in Dementia

Nada Savitch is an advisor to See What I Mean. She has a background in information work and worked as website manager for the Alzheimer’s Society for almost six years. During this time she provided support and training to groups of people with dementia who were interested in using computers. She also worked on a consultation basis with people with dementia to design websites and to develop new and accessible computer software.

Joseph Harrington
Partner & Co-Head of Service Design Innovation Unit

Joseph has experience working as a service design consultant across the public sector; leading projects from social research with vulnerable groups to transformation work at the service delivery, strategic, organisational and policy levels. Before joining the Innovation Unit, he was leading public sector work at Engine Service Design and running a programme of work to develop ethical practice in service design for the consultancy Uscreates.


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See What I Mean is in partnership with Goldsmith College University of London for their expertise in research and evaluation.


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